LDD-001 Lover, disqualified. - Chiharu Miyazawa


One sweltering summer day, Chiharu was waiting for her boyfriend to come to her home without her parents. - The intercom rings and Chiharu opens the front door. - Suddenly men attack her and hold down her delicate body. - She is a boyfriend who stands stunned with a camera in front of Chiharu who resists violently. - Even though she noticed and asked for her help, her boyfriend just turned away from her ... - "Because this is a guru with us. I can't help you ..." Her sadness and regret spill her tears, and the men's greed sticks attack. - From her intolerable horror, she desperately tried to escape, but she was pushed down and overrun many times ...

Code: LDD-001
Release date: 2020-07-31
Runtime: 01:48:34
Actresses: Chiharu Miyazawa
Maker: Dream Ticket
Tags: LDD

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