JUFD-854 Convulsive sexual intercourse that stimulates the clitoris and breaks away


Always stimulate the female erogenous zone "clitoris", which is equivalent to a man's penis, and destroy the beautiful woman! - This time, I wanted to shoot the cape of the cabin attendant, which is a flower of Takamine. - The clitoris that erects is constantly being groped and the pussy is blamed, and the pleasure that can not be obtained with ordinary SEX and the stimulus that is amplified dozens of times show an abnormal amount of excitement. - Enjoy her crazy convulsions SEX where she is blamed for her erection chestnuts all day long and repeats too vulgar cums while incontinence ...

Code: JUFD-854
Release date: 2018-01-13
Runtime: 03:47:03
Actresses: Misaki Honda
Maker: Fitch
Label: Fitch
Tags: JUFD

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